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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Bethany Dillon writes songs in color, with a pallette of bright greens, earthy browns and hues of deep blue.

Green, she said, “Because I see a lot of growth and brightness here, and yet there’s also a lot of restlessness, which is sometimes the result of growth.”

Brown because “I just love earthiness, musically. A lot of the songs feel like standing at the edge of a cliff and just staring out and seeing a lot of open space, a lot of freedom.”

The blue hues, she said, are “like the swirling ocean in the moonlight. They reverberate throughout the album,” which is “Imagination,” comprised entirely of songs that Dillon — a native of Bellfontaine — wrote or co-wrote.

“Imagination is the follow-up to her highly-successful 2004 eponymous debut, which featured the No. 1 single “All I Need” and earned Dillon Gospel Music Association nominations for both Female Vocalist and New Artist of the Year.

The journey also informed the songs of “Imagination,” inclulding “All That I Can Do,” a song about learning to trust, and “Dreamer,” the mythical story of a good king who gave up everything to save his people.

“God’s unearthly grace and immeasurable love for us is the heartbeat of this whole record,” Dillon said. “This is a story of hope and redemption, one that paints a brutally and beautifully honest picture of what it is really like to live by faith.”


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