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Thursday, November 17, 2005


“It’s always a challenge,” said singer/songwriter Bif Naked, “to find stimulating ways to describe heartache.

“I’ve been chasing that dragon all my life.”

The daughter of a professor of dentistry who also was a missionary and moved his family all over North America, Naked said that she’d been enrolled in arts schools all her life, always taking ballet lessons or performing in piano recitals.

She also started writing at a very early age, won a spoken poetry competition (in French) while still in elementary school, and
formed her first band at 17 years old.

When the band started trying to come up with original material, “a light bulb went on,” she said. “I can just use my poems.”
And so her quest began.

“I write all the time,” she said. “I can’t shake it. I carry notebooks with me all the time. Something will strike me and I’ll write it down and keep it for later.

“Through the years you try to hone your skills,” she said. “I love using language to convey a state of mind or an emotion.”

Her lyrical content frequently is informed by her voracious reading habits. Currently, Naked said that she is immersed in a new interpretation of the Koran, not because she subscribes to any particular religious belief, but is fascinated by theology, partly due to her father’s influence, although their beliefs don’t always harmonize.

“Religions are important because if you lose everything else, it allows the human spirit not to be broken,” she said. “I like the idea of having something to believe in, the universal force. There are parallels in all of the holy scriptures that makes me believe that all paths lead to God.

“I like them all. As a result, I hope it’s made me a calmer person. I’m not calm, but I aspire to be more calm, and faith-based readings bring me into a reality check.

“My dad gives me a really hard time, saying that we’re not allowed to cherry pick from the different religions, to just take what you like. I just look at him and say, 'Why not?’”


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